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Why? What?! WHY? - Some helpful answers...

We'll try to answer your questions here. I'm sure that we won't anticipate all of them. After reading this page, if you still have unanswered questions, you're very welcome to ask Ian. He'll do his best to help, or find other people who can.


How did Felicity's bunny hurt his eye?

When you play sky pirates, you need to be careful not to fall on your tin-foil sword. We hope he'll feel better soon (but he IS enjoying his eye-patch and gets extra cuddles.)

I'm confused with the iPhone app …
what's the right magic word?

Ummm … we don't know. The magic comes from you as well. Imagine one up and see if it works. Ask a grownup if you're still not sure. They can help you find yours. It's important to remember there's more than one magic word.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you
could share this with someone?

Sorry kids, you're not quite old enough to do it by yourself. But your parents can help if you ask them very nicely. Here are a few ways:

- tell all your friends about Felicity's free magical holiday advent calendar at

- share your crafty goodness across the whole world. Ask a grownup to help you share a photo of your good stuff using Twitter (make sure you mention @sendfelicity so we can find you) or by adding a comment on our Facebook page. Each time Felicity shows you a craft activity, we're building a "curated" gallery in the days after - featuring your wonderful craft and art from around the world. The gallery will live here safely on We'd love to see all the crafty goodness that Felicity and her friends are making during December. (PSSST … PARENTS. There's a grownup secret to make more magic happen. More stuff down the page. NO KIDS ALLOWED.)

…That's right. I MEAN YOU! No peeking. Don't spoil your own surprise.

Remember, everyone can join in the fun. They can come to, share our activities every day and join our worldwide adventure of stories and crafty goodness. If your family has an iPhone or knows a friend who has one, you can do another very special magic trick later this month. Our magic app is free, so we hope you'll get a chance to play with it.

Why is everything free?

We love inspiring children. We love being inspired by children. We're getting a lot back, you know.

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If I'm using the iPhone app … what's the correct magic word?

Truly, we don't know. The magic comes from you as well. Dream one up and see if it works. Ask a friend if you're still not sure. They can help you find yours. It's very important to remember there's more than one magic word.

Are there really no ads?

There are no ads. We dislike them too and avoid them if we can. If you're interested in what the creators of Felicity of Thin Air make and sell, crafted by hand and with love, then please visit the "Meet Your Allies" page to see what we do.

Occasionally during the month, we'll share a lovely thing that we adore for our own families. We haven't asked for anything from these people that we'll mention. It's because we're genuinely love these beautiful, thoughtful items (childrens books and software) and want to share them with the world.

When do you announce each day's surprise?

We'll show the surprise every day around 10:00AM Melbourne time in Australia. We'll let you know by putting a little glimpse on our Facebook page and Felicity's Twitter account, with a link straight to the activity. If you "Liked" us on Facebook or follow Felicity on Twitter, you'll get a heads-up. Because this adventure is all around the world, this means that people in London can hear about it at 11pm the night before, and parents in the US and Canada can have an opportunity to peek ahead of time at around 6PM and 3PM from coast to coast the day before. You don't have to look if you wish to be surprised. All the past activities will be listed so you can revisit them at any point. Here's a useful website that show the current time for the countries we've just mentioned, if timezone conversions makes your head ache. You could also try this prettier and interactive timezone chart. (Melbourne is in the same timezone as Sydney, Australia.)

What do I need for the next craft activity!?!

Each person will need 20 paper plates. You can all share a stapler (but make sure you have plenty of spare staples.) A nice long bit of string or wool for each person would be extremely handy as well. A pencil, ruler to make straight lines (no measuring required) and a pair of scissors will also be useful. You need at least one child, or someone who can think like a child. We'll show you how to make something startling and beautiful that's bigger than your child's head.

Here's a little peek at the fun you'll have with Felicity this Saturday.

Is this a Christian thing because it's an advent calendar?

The team who worked together to create Felicity's adventure come from various faiths and beliefs. We're respectful of yours. Our activities will include a simple happy celebration of Hanukkah on December 9, Christmas on December 25 and Kwanzaa on Dec 27. (We respect that Kwanzaa starts on the 26th. Thankfully, it continues for seven days so that we can squeeze in a special Boxing Day craft activity on Dec 26. We appreciate your understanding.)

Is there anything else to do until the craft activity? We might get bored.

Here's how our game will unfold: Every day, there'll be a special surprise illustration. Each picture will come with a fun idea. The family activities will be special times you can share with your children, like the "fancy dress for dinner" idea.

If you'd like to share the story of what happened in your family, you can tell us by commenting on our Facebook page or tweet about it by adding the phrase @sendfelicity - if you follow Felicity on Twitter, we'll help out by letting everyone hear about it. Don't be concerned if your story isn't shared straightaway on Twitter. There are no robots involved. It's all done by hand but we'll do our very best to keep up. If we miss an important story that you're sharing, please let Ian know.

Twice a week, we'll also get up to some crafty goodness. Please don't worry - we'll let you know ahead of time about the items that you'll need.

I'm not very good at craft with my children.

Some of our activities will surprise you with how simple things can be made magical. Most are open ended so where you end up doesn't matter … the experience with your children will be the precious thing. Best of all will be seeing how your child's work can inspire others
and vice-versa.

What's this conspiracy of fun? How are you going to feature my child's picture
even if I don't send it?

There's a grownup secret to make more magic happen. We'll share the secret later this week. (NO KIDS ALLOWED. Yes - I STILL

This special magic takes an ounce of effort from you and us. When you show your family Felicity's arts and craft exhibition, spread across the world, your own children's contribution will be in the feature spot at the very top of the gallery page, front and center. At the same time, below featured image will be a slowly growing mosaic of many other inspiring contributions from other families participating. We'll add to the mosaic gradually, carefully curating it to stop cyber-nasties from spoiling our fun.

Schools from all around the world have also been invited to participate and share in a worldwide cross-cultural exchange. There are already three very excited classes of third and fourth graders waiting to surprise you on December 4. If you're a teacher visiting from the first time, contact Ian and he'll help you get a head start, because we understand that working with a large group of children can be like herding butterflies. Contributions from schools and other inspiring individual efforts will be shown below the mosaic of families' art. If this grows as much as we hope, we might not be able to include every school's contribution below the mosaic. Schools' contributions though can definitely be featured at the top. Shhhhh…

Who are you? Who made all this stuff?

We are artisans, artists, storytellers, educators and most of all: parents - click here to meet your allies.

Why is this free?

Relationships are built on trust. The idea behind Felicity's holiday advent calendar is to invite the whole world to share and inspire each other, to create happiness from thin air. If we asked you to register or put ads up, then we're just putting barriers in the way of families like yourselves to trust us and share openly. Being Prudence will be publishing our first paid app in early January with $1 of extra magic. If you like what you see, please stay in touch via our email newsletter, Twitter or Facebook page and we'll let you know. Please take your time to decide if you like this. There's no hurry.

Do you own our contributions if we send them in?

WHAT? You made it, it's your stuff. We would be *delighted* if you were generous enough to share and collaborate with us. We don't own YOUR stuff. What we do ask is that you lend it to us for the months of December and January. We can revisit it after that if you've changed your mind. In legal-speak, we're asking for your understanding that anything contributed via Facebook or via @sendfelicity on Twitter is contributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. Curated contributions will be listed with an attribution of your Twitter or Facebook name, but we won't link to an external website unless you're a school for the months of December 2010 and January 2011 to ensure safety. We hope to create a mass exhibition to be archived on Flickr later in 2011, contributed by interested families and educators.

Ummm … how do I share a photo on Twitter?

Twitter has a great page listing various resources to share photos. (No videos please - our gallery is built with sticky tape and love. Maybe next year, if we buy some stronger tape.) If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch with a camera, the free official Twitter app can also send photos.

We hope you'll be able to visit Felicity every day

and help us create something magical from thin air this December.

*.* + ♥ = magic