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It takes a village to raise a child and it's no different for Felicity. Meet her proud family below and their contributions towards nurturing her and bringing her on this adventure.

(Yes - there are two Ians and two Claires. We apologise for any confusion this may cause. At times, we found ourselves confused.)


Ian is the founder of Being Prudence and the one who started all these shenanigans in the first place. If stuff breaks, please contact him. He'd love to see if he can help you out. He is passionate about making thoughtful and enticing learning experiences for children and their families.

Ian is married to his magnificent wife Carrie and is the proud father of his daughters Grace (11) and Ella (8) and Felicity (0 or 6.75 depending on how grownup you are).

Most of Ian's friends consider him to be a very creative geeky dad, but truthfully his two favourite tech appliances are his hot glue gun and his pressure cooker.


Claire is a mama to two little girls - Amelia who is 8 and Lily who is 4. Along with her husband Phil, they're always very busy and very handy with a pile of old cardboard boxes and a roll of sticky tape. None of them are particularly good at cleaning up but they are practicing and getting a lot better. Claire is a blogger, writer, illustrator, crafter and procrastinator living and dreaming with her raggle-taggle family in a forest on a small island in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. Before that they were suburb dwelling people who lived in Melbourne, Australia.

At the age of 11 Claire started teaching craft classes to the local neighbourhood children. They made strange creatures out of gum nuts and bottlebrush branches. She went on to study art teaching after high school. Claire soon discovered that teaching puppet making to 16 year old boys, most of whom were taller than her and who asked if she was the new girl as they sewed through the skin on the palm of their hands, was not necessarily her calling.

She went on to get involved in magazine and web design production. She helped launch the Big Issue, Australia in 1996 - was a senior designer at and then shortly afterwards fell into a busy, still happening, career in freelance illustration. Her well loved blog, which she started in 1999, has won awards and accolades and continues to bring crafty ideas, family stories and creative inspiration to her lovely and loyal readers. While blogging she has developed a true love of writing and is currently working on a book for young readers.

She is responsible for the drawings of Felicity and her little rabbit pal. (Ian considers her to be Felicity's mama.) You'll also see some of her other favourite illustrations and some of her squishy softies playing along with the advent activities.


Roland is dad to two daughters and two sons, one of whom is now a teacher working with indigenous children and their families in the far north of Australia. They also all seem to be artists or musicans, or both! Roland has spent many years creating illustrations for children's books as well as spending time in schools teaching children about the inspiration and craft behind his art.

As a kid he was very lucky growing up both in the city and in the country. As an old kid he has a great love for both. In his enthusiasm to save the world he started publishing as well: first Australian greeting cards, then posters and children’s books. In the past forty years, he's designed stamps for the Australian Bicentennial, posters about Halley’s Comet, the America’s Cup, the Weather, Exploration and many history topics. There have been books on The First Fleet, the History of Medicine, and the Universe. There was even a History of the Universe that was almost 40 feet (12m) long and most recently a series of books about The Beach, The Bush, The City and travels with his family across Australia; north south east and west.

He's recently worked with Mem Fox (author of the beloved Possum Magic) to create a new book called The Little Dragon, arriving from Puffin Books in March 2011. His website has extra lovely pictures and books to share with children and their families.


Ian is the father of a son and a daughter. When he's not building block towers, conducting puppet shows, or facilitating craft activities at home, Ian runs a graphic design studio in Silicon Valley, California.

Art has always played a pivotal role in Ian's life. He was enrolled in art lessons at the age of two and continued to draw and paint through college where he earned a degree in both fine art and graphic design.

Ian and his wife, Christina started Nyquist Design in 2002 in San Franciso, CA. In that time, they've had the pleasure of working with such brands as E*TRADE, Netflix, PayPal, Stanford University, CNET, and more. Nyquist Design specializes in interactive media, print media, and branding. Over the past 8 years, Nyquist Design has produced over a thousand logos, package designs, websites, iPhone apps and more. You can visit our website ( to learn more about us and see some of our work.


Claire and Mike Emmett share their Yarra Valley house with their two lively boys, Cailan (11), and Ethan (7). Running a graphic design and website business together, they are lucky enough to live and work in the Yarra Valley, Australia, where there really are kangaroos in their back yard (along with their two dogs, Jessie and Beanie).

Creativity has always been a part of family life. Design, photography, drawing classes and the boys' obsession with making their own clay-mation movies means that there is always a project on the go. Claire is from a long line of designers, illustrators, and artists, including her uncle and fellow Felicity contributor, Roland Harvey. Mike is currently working on a project to photograph all the resident artists in their studios - a pursuit which has so far taken three years and spawned a book and three exhibitions. He says he is about half-way done.

Mike and Claire's company, Redfish Bluefish Creative, works hard for its many inspiring clients including The Asylum Seeker Project, various Yarra Valley wineries and artisan producers, as well as our old friends and long term city-based clients.


Steve and Sarah Miles enjoy the family chaos provided by their two imaginative and energetic daughters, Evie (4) and Lexi (2). It seems that Sarah and Steve's combination of making designer wearables and artworks have brought out the creative genes in their girls, who are constantly raiding their supply cupboards for crafty experiments.

When Sarah and Steve manage to gain back control from the two "little bosses" they are busy working from the nest for their online shop, Evie Lala, which produces a collection of handmade designer wearables and artworks for children and those young at heart. Australian made clothing, footwear, accessories, toys and stationery comprising of handpicked designer fabrics, quirky artworks and innovative design make this collection one of a kind. The Evie Lala collection is inspired by a love for creative fashion, an eye for edgy design and an emphasis on fair trade production. Click here to see some of their homegrown creativese nurtured from the nest.


Amber is mother to two young children – Ella and Arky. She started the internationally popular Kids Craft Weekly website back in 2004 as a way of preserving her sanity as a stay-at-home mum. Six years later Amber is now a single parent holding down a full-time job. While her circumstances have changed dramatically, she remains passionate about advocating for the use of creative activities to enhance positive relationships and meaningful dialogue between parents and their children.

Amber has also publishes a range of beautiful printable mini-books that feature simple and fun craft ideas for Christmas. Click here to take a look.


Chris is not a dad but he is an uncle. He's responsible for the digital sleight of hand behind Felicity's magic trick on the iPhone. In between consulting gigs for other businesses, Chris invents apps for the iPhone, Android and Palm platforms.

Chris is a computer scientist, with a PhD in image processing. He's enjoying building camera based augmented reality apps from all the technical stuff he learnt in the past. He also runs a small shop with more interesting apps - click here to see his other apps from CMG Research.


With special thanks to Lorraine Akemann, Lynette Mattke, Daniel Donahoo, Christina Gordon, Kelly Tenkely, Zac Hodgkinson, the children and teachers of Grades 3 & 4 at Belle Vue Primary School in Melbourne, Australia. Yoon Lim, Megan A Iemma, Amy Bennett, Liam Campbell, Bec Jones, Aaron Landreth, Kurt Klynen and the thoughtful, collaborative community of family oriented app developers at

*.* + ♥ = magic

For all the children of the world, may you be inspired to craft good things by hand and create happiness from thin air. To my precious daughters graci3bunny and ellaboo - without you in my life, none of this would have happened. And for my darling wife Carrie, thank you for your constant, unending support. I'm turning the computer off now. IC

The character and work of Felicity from Thin Air™ has been created by Ian Chia and Claire Robertson. The right of Ian Chia and Claire Robertson to be identified as author and illustrator respectively of this work has been asserted by them.

Text ©2010 Ian Chia
Illustrations ©2010 Claire Robertson.
All rights reserved.

Printed in Thin Air.