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Being Prudence is a handcrafted 21st century "publisher" of handmade apps, books and goods for children and their families.

The people behind Being Prudence are artists and artisans, educators and scholars, storytellers, software developers, composers and visual effects practioners, board game and video game designers.

We're parents passionately invested in our childrens' future. We're aspiring to reinvent the learning experience for children because you and we all share the same common problems. We hope you'll join us in a mutual adventure.

If you're interested in how we approach our craft, then we invite you to signup to our email newsletter or follow Being Prudence on Twitter. After Felicity's adventures in December, we're going to take a break and evaluate the outcomes and possibilities arising from it.

We'll be back in February with a blog and a fortnightly newsletter to discuss our plans and to hear your thoughts. There will still be some crafty goodness for your children, to encourage and nurture their innovative spirits. Our hope is to stay in touch with you in 2011 and beyond.

Most respectfully,

- Ian Chia
Founder: Being Prudence
*.* + ♥ = magic

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