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Hello! We'd like you to meet Felicity.

She is six and three quarters and has a big imagination. She loves magic tricks and making things with her hands.

Felicity comes from a city high up in the clouds called Thin Air.

This December, we're taking her around the world to meet other children and their families. We hope you enjoy playing and making things with her.

She'd like to explain her wonderful game to play with you. It's a very special version of a holiday advent calendar.

Every day, there'll be a special surprise.

Some of her family are artists and handmade toy makers and storytellers. They spend all day (and sometimes all night) making wonderful illustrations and stories for children. Every picture will come with a fun idea.

Some ideas are simple family activities. Twice a week we'll also show you something magical, filled with crafty goodness.

If you like, you can try out a new idea with your family every day. You can also share the story of what happened. We'd love to hear from you and other families all around the world!

Let's show you how it works by sharing a little "surprise":

December 2nd's idea is "Fancy Dress for Dinner" and this is what our special picture looks like:

Very soon, Felicity will also be sharing a special magic trick with you if your parents have an iPhone. You can watch a little glimpse of her magic trick later this week. (If you're a grownup, make sure you keep reading so you can find out more about Felicity's very special game.)


Now … some explanation for the grownups. Here's how our game will unfold:

The family activities will be simple, fun times you can do with your children, like the "fancy dress for dinner" idea.

If you'd like to share the story of what happened in your family, you can tell us by commenting on our Facebook page or tweet about it by adding the phrase @sendfelicity - if you follow Felicity on Twitter, we'll help out by letting everyone hear about it. Don't be concerned if your story isn't shared straightaway on Twitter. There are no robots involved. It's all done by hand but we'll do our very best to keep up. If we miss an important story that you're sharing, please let Ian know.

Twice a week, we'll also get up to some crafty goodness. Please don't worry - we'll let you know ahead of time about the items that you'll need. For example, our first craft activity on December 4 will need 20 paper plates per child, a stapler with lots of spare staples and a piece of string. (A ruler, pencil and scissors will be handy as well). We'll show you how to make something startling and beautiful that's bigger than your child's head.

On the weekends, the crafty goodness will take around 30min. Because we're all busy parents, the mid-week activity will be simpler things that your children can do, or take more time if they wish. You can send your children's beautiful creations to be included in a very special exhibition by sharing photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter by adding the phrase @sendfelicity. The curated exhibition gallery lives here safely on this website. Think of Facebook and Twitter as the postal system.

BUT - even if you don't feel comfortable sending us your photo, your children's art can still be part of the exhibition.

Our VERY special magic trick is the "conspiracy of fun".

Felicity's arts and craft exhibition, spread across the world will feature EVERY child's contribution at the very top of the gallery page, front and center. Yes, this mean YOUR family. At the same time, below your child's picture will be a growing mosaic of many other inspiring contributions from other families participating. We'll curate the contributions to stop cyber-nasties from spoiling our fun.

Why? What?! WHY? Find out by clicking here.

(For the parents who don't like messy craft - please trust us - we'll show you how to make magic from simple things to delight your children. They'll be reminded yet again how awesome you are.)

The exhibition and iPhone app are free. There are no ads. We don't need you to register for anything. Our game is built on trust and sharing, and powered by raw imagination. Our exhibition here on will be safe for your children to visit anytime. We, your allies, are parents too. We wanted to create a special safe place to inspire creativity, sharing and trust.

We hope you'll be able to visit Felicity every day

and help us create something magical from thin air this December.

*.* + ♥ = magic